stop linky 83 le blog

stop linky 83  le blog

safe 2019 version MIND_MAPPING_AND_DIAGRAMMING_APP..ZIP where download

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Quick Node - Presentation Tools - Business - FRESH SQUEEZED APPS, LLC - 5120 KB

✖ v 1.2 Quick Node

With Quick Node, organize your notes and your thoughts efficiently. Quick Node is intuitive and easy to use! Maintain your flow of thought without the complications. Features:
- Infinite scroll allows for a large workspace free of clutter
- Add notes, pictures, and other free text to your mind map
- Resize and format any node you want
- Customize fonts and colors for easy organization
- Drag nodes and easily add child or parent nodes with a single click
- Snappable grid available for easy positioning
- Save and print your mind maps for easy portability or presentation

Best! version

to El Captan

Official site:

for High Sierra [2482 kb] 4.2.3

Updated to 10.14 VER..2.9.5.KNOWLEDGEMINER.(YX).FOR.EXCEL.DQTJ.APP [47513 kb] 2.9.4

Version on OS X [3440 kb] 1.7.21

| 4915 KB | VER. 1.4 QUICK NODE 9NXI 1.3 Best iMac Pro

| 5734 KB | Software ver. 1.3 Quick Node EdF5 1.4 Updated El Captan

| 5529 KB | Download 8t8Ww v 1.3 Quick Node 1.5 MacOS

| 4300 KB | Software Quick Node v 2.2 VP4KIC 1.6 Recomended on 10.13.4

| 5836 KB | Free WVH VERSION 1.5 QUICK NODE 3.2 New! version
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