stop linky 83 le blog

stop linky 83  le blog

Widgerador vers 1.0.0 where download 10.13.6

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Multimedia Design - Author Tools - Javier Rodriguez - 3891 KB - Widgerador


Widgerador creates compatible image gallery widgets for iBooks Author, complete with an easy-to-use slider control.
Widgerador allows you to drag and drop a folder containing all of your project images into the Widgerador App where they’ll automatically be matched in size.
Write a caption for each one of the project images, modify the image position in the gallery and preview any changes you make on the fly. You can also adjust the order of images, add a drop shadow to your images/photos and change caption colors.
Then, save the finished slideshow to a folder, import it into iBooks Author and you’ve got a working slideshow ready to add visual interest to your iBooks Author books and other projects. It’s that simple.
Watch the demo movie on our website!

Updated on Mac [4357 kb]

New to Mac Pro PQE_WIDGERADOR_VERS_1.0.3.APP [3929 kb]

El Captan 5JRlSH-Widgerador-ver.-1.0.1.pkg [3424 kb]

El Captan b5hcvj_vers_1.0.2_widgerador.pkg [3929 kb]

Recomended to 10.14 VlWM.1.1.0.Widgerador.tar.gz [3774 kb]

Updated version [3229 kb]

Javier Rodriguez

Torrent version key Widgerador 1.0.0

10.11.6 {2050 kbytes} 6.8.3

to Mac DeskSwitch.v.1.3.Tn0.pkg {4931 kbytes} 3.0

Updated on 10.11 DcH87.2.3.SafeSleepOnce.tar.gz {69 kbytes} 1.5

{4280 KB} vers 1.0.3 Widgerador RwZdK 3.0.0 Featured to Sierra

{4163 KB} HXZ WIDGERADOR 1.0.2 2.0.0 on El Captan

{3229 KB} Update XV3R WIDGERADOR VER. 1.0.3 2.0.0 Best to OS X

{4630 KB} Free bOAR Widgerador vers.1.0.4 1.0.2 Recomended! version
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